About US

This is the only cloud solution that offers seamless flow of information across the customer life cycle. The powerful dashboard offer versatile capabilities such as quotes, order management, sales order and forecasting, upsell, cross-sell and more. The user can access the business reports of the current period. CRM can integrate with social media and solutions such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, Yammer and Qontext. Thus, we aim at helping our clients manage social, team as well as all customer contacts in one place. All conversations are easily visible with our lightweight platform.

The special feature allows users to view pending tasks and keep track of all the conversations that occurred between a contact and team member. It will help to manage important dates and deadlines, inform users of social engagements such as birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming meetings, and other changes in the schedule.

This powerful CRM is easy to install, manage and learn to maintain. Highly interactive dashboard helps sales teams with analytic tools to analyze the sales opportunities. This provides easy access to real-time data for small to medium sized businesses. This software is easy for everyone to use, whether sales department or marketing and allows management to stay connected to each other as well as customers and business deals. It helps you put full attention to your customers, provide an online shopping experience pleasant for your customers.